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Frequently asked questions

What is the objective of the program?

The program is intended to contribute to the vitality of English-speaking communities; to enhance their ability to participate fully in Québec society; to bolster the ability of communities to act in various areas of intervention; and to enable them to work in collaboration with the Québec government.

Who is eligible to apply for funding?

Not-for-profit organizations registered in the Registraire des entreprises du Québec that provide services to English-speaking communities are eligible. Social economy enterprises including cooperatives and public institutions in the education, municipal and health and social services sectors are also eligible.

An organization may also be eligible for financial assistance if it plans to offer services to English-speaking communities in the context of this program.

Where do I find the application form?

The English and French versions of the application forms are available on our website for download. The French version of the form, however, must be filled out electronically and must then be printed, signed, scanned and emailed to

Please note :
Other documents are also required in submitting an application (refer to guidelines in the Normative Framework for more details).

Prior to submitting a formal application contact the SRQEA to discuss the project

In which language must I write up and submit my application?

Only grant applications written in French using the French version of the application form are admissible.

Who may authorize the submission of an application?

A director of the recipient applicant organization and a director of the co-applicant organization, that is, the chair of the board of directors, the president and CEO or the executive director may authorize the submission of the application, which must be supported by a resolution of the board of directors.

What is the difference between a not-for-profit organization (NFP) that wishes to offer services to English-speaking communities and an organization that does not offer services to such communities?

The program mainly targets organizations that provide services to English-speaking communities. However, an NFP may also be eligible for financial assistance if it plans to offer services to English-speaking communities in the context of the project submitted. The intention could relate to market expansion or the organization’s broadening its target client base.

An organization that does not serve the community and has no interest in doing so is ineligible. 

What percentage of a project can be funded by the program?

Up to 80% of the total cost of a project can be funded over the life of the agreement. Total public funding from municipal, provincial and federal governments cannot exceed 80% of the cost, therefore the organization must contribute 20% of project’s total cost, which may include in-kind contributions.

Can funds received through the program be used to cover the organization’s debts?

The funding received can only be used for the purposes of the project submitted. The program cannot cover an organization’s debts.

How is a disadvantaged area defined?

Criteria have been established to properly define a disadvantaged area. They include demographic and economic criteria such as level of education, the unemployment rate, income, the minority/majority index, which expresses the ratio of language groups, a lack of institutions, and so on. A project targeting a disadvantaged area will be evaluated and analyzed in part according to these principles to validate its eligibility.

Is it possible for an organization to submit multiple grant applications to this program in a given year?

Yes, an organization may submit more than one application in a given year, and may possibly receive funding for multiple projects.

What is the application processing time and how can applicants confirm that their applications have been received?

The SRQEA will send by email an acknowledgement of receipt of an application within two weeks of its reception. The processing time will subsequently depend on the completion of the grant application.

It is the organization’s responsibility to submit a complete application for funding that corresponds to the program’s objectives. Incomplete applications will necessarily take longer to process.

What if answers exceed the allocated space on the form?

If the space is insufficient, you may add additional information in a separate document. Please limit text to available space.

Can I add additional information once an application has been submitted? How do I do so?

All modifications or additional information must be sent to the, accompanied by an explanatory note with a clear reference to the project title that was used in the original application.

What if an organization manifested its interest in being funded before the funding program was publicly launched?

Organizations that have already submitted project proposals prior to the launch of the program must re-submit according to the guidelines found in the Normative Framework.

Where should questions related to the program be directed?

You may obtain additional information on the program by calling the number 418-644-0943, ext. 8434 or by sending an email to

Secrétariat aux relations avec les Québécois d’expression anglaise
875, Grande Allée Est - Québec (Qc)  G1R 4Y8 - 418 644-7600
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