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Message of the Secretary General of the Conseil exécutif

In the spring of 2014, the Premier of Québec appointed me to the strategic position of  Secretary General and Clerk of the Conseil exécutif. He felt that a significant change of culture must occur, that we must focus on the future and help to establish a genuinely open government in the service of Quebecers. It is with honour and conviction that I accepted the mandate.

I have worked for many years at the highest levels of the public administration, in particular in key positions as associate deputy minister and deputy minister. This time, the government department that I am heading is noteworthy in that it reports directly to the Premier and coordinates the machinery of government overall.

The Québec public service comprises nearly 20 departments and over 100 bodies. It is essential that an organization ensure its coherence and efficiency and that it play a role in the overall implementation of government action. That is the role of the Conseil exécutif. Accordingly, my team and I are overseeing the governance of the public administration and the implementation of government initiatives. This demands a comprehensive perspective both of the public service overall and Quebecers’ concerns.

In fact, we are providing, in particular, analytical, advisory and coordination services to the Premier and Cabinet. We are supporting them in decision-making and their governing role. We are helping them to consolidate the foundations of such decision-making and governance, which hinge, notably, on respect and receptiveness, transparency and integrity.

Our role is all the more important in the current context where we are striving to restore public faith in the government and its institutions. In other words, we are supporting the government as it seeks prosperity, under specific mandates and the defined responsibilities attributed to us. Above all, we are working in the interests of Quebecers.

I invite you to explore our website and discover in greater detail the scope of our mandate and the mission of the Ministère du Conseil exécutif.

Juan Roberto Iglesias
Secretary General and Clerk of the Conseil exécutif

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