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Québec is a society based on law that adheres to the principle of the separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers. As its name indicates, the ministère du Conseil exécutif is part of the executive function of government, which includes defining the orientations of the government’s activity and the administration of the state.

Conseil exécutif


The role of the Conseil exécutif, also known as the Conseil des ministres, is to define the orientations of the government’s activity and direct the administration of the state. With the lieutenant governor, it forms the government of Québec. As the government’s chief decision-making body, the Conseil des ministres is responsible for the administration of government and the application of laws. It carries out those activities that are essential to the management of the state, in particular:

  • adopting orders-in-council and regulations as well as approval of bills that the Conseil executive plans to submit to the National Assembly;
  • defining a financial framework (short and medium-term revenue and expenditure forecasts);
  • defining policies and programs;
  • carrying out strategic planning of government priorities;
  • coordinating the action of ministries and organizations;
  • supervising the growth and development of government organization;
  • appointing senior officials and heads of public corporations and organizations.

Composition and organization

Following the general election held October 1st, 2014, a new government was sworn in on October 18, 2018. Presided by the Premier, the The following link opens in another window. Conseil des ministres consists of ministers who are titular heads of ministries, responsible ministers and delegated ministers.

To increase its planning and coordination efforts to improve the effectiveness of the government’s action, the Conseil des ministres can call on – in addition to the Conseil du trésor – the standing ministerial committees.

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The following link opens in another window. Loi sur le ministère du Conseil exécutif

Ministère du Conseil exécutif
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