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Ministère du Conseil exécutif
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History of the Comité de législation

Creation of the Committee

The Comité de legislation was created on June 26, 1969 in accordance with a Cabinet decision. The Committee’s rules of operation were officially established for the first time by orders in council Nos. 4100-75 and 4105-75 of September 10, 1975.

At present, two decrees govern the actions of the Comité de législation: Decree No. 111-2005 of February 18, 2005, regarding the organization and operations of the Conseil exécutif, which reiterates its existence and in which Section 11 defines the overall mandate; and Decree No. 52-2017 of January 31, 2017 , regarding the Comité de législation, which defines the composition of the Committee, as well as its specific mandate and operations.

Committee Chairs

The following ministers have chaired the Comité de législation since its creation:

Chairs of the Comité de législation since its creation
Nom Date
Stéphanie Vallée September 16, 2015
Pierre Moreau May 13, 2015
Stéphanie Vallée April 24, 2014
Bertrand St-Arnaud October 3, 2012
Laurent Lessard January 7, 2009
Jacques P. Dupuis April 19, 2007
Yvon Marcoux February 28, 2006
Thomas J. Mulcair February 18, 2005
Jacques P. Dupuis April 27, 2004
Marc Bellemare April 29, 2003
Normand Jutras October 29, 2002
Paul Bégin June 27, 2001
Guy Chevrette September 28, 1994
Roger Lefebvre January 19, 1994
Gil Rémillard June 23, 1988
Herbert Marx December 13, 1985
Marc-André Bédard September 22, 1982
Yves Duhaime November 12, 1980
Pierre Marois May 24, 1978
Robert Burns December 1, 1976
Gérard-D. Levesque September10, 1975
Robert Bourassa
(Jérôme Choquette)
Premier or, in his absence, the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Financial Institutions, Companies and Cooperatives
May 20, 1970
(Cabinet decision)
Jean-Jacques Bertrand
June 26, 1969
(Cabinet decision)


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